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Parish/church revival

Usually done at the parish or college level, this one, two or three-night event will make a Holy Spirit impact on your church. The revival experience can be customized down to the number of days, topics, scriptures, etc. Below is a sample of a three-night revival.

Night 1- "Living in Relationship"- This night is open to the whole church and has a strong focus on beginning a relationship with Christ or strengthening one’s relationship with Christ with an emphasis on walking in Holy Spirit power.

Night 2- "JC and Me"- Our teen night provides an opportunity for the youth to be inspired to continue following Christ in the midst of living in a secular generation. Bringing scriptures to a younger audience can be challenging, but DJ speaks a language that resonates with our young church, bringing the scriptures to life for them and giving them the practical tools to live out their vocation right now.   

Night 3- "Vision and Leadership Breakthrough"- We, as a church, have to give our church members the tools necessary to thrive in business, entrepreneurship and ministry while keeping God at the forefront. This night for Entrepreneurs, C-Suite Leadership, Professionals, Directors/Managers/Supervisors, Ministry Leadership, Dreamers and Diocesan staff will inspire and impact with practical steps to creating, running and sustaining a business based on the leadership principles founded by Jesus Christ and the inspired Word of God.​  

​The one or two-day retreat designed and facilitated by Modern Teen Ministries is a faith building and ministry skill enhancing program centered around relationship with Christ, each other and the ministry leadership through ice breakers, activities, discussion, small group time, lecturettes, preaching and personal testimonies. Having Modern Teen Ministries create and facilitate the retreat allows the church staff/volunteers the leisure to be as hands-on or hands-off as they prefer. The retreat comes with an itinerary/schedule specific to the location, leader requests, and goals of the church/group. This is the ideal format for school retreats, confirmation retreats, college/young adult group retreats and ministry leadership retreats. 

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Every preaching and teaching is uniquely tailored to the audience and the goals of the organizer. Through the use of entertaining stories, powerful testimony, bible truth and church teaching, your group will leave stronger in their faith and challenged to live a Christ-centered life. 

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